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Aust Bio provides medical laboratory testing which gives patients direct and often immediate benefits. Our testing services is useful in both health assessment and the investigation and clinical management of chronic disease patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our tests are privately billed and are not covered by Medicare. This means a doctor’s referral is not required.

We have a network of patients and practitioners Australia wide. Simply order a test with us, we will send you a collection kit and paperwork for your local collection centre to collect some blood from you.

No, We are a private pathology testing facility, and our tests are unique.

Blood collections generally take 10-15 minutes. Once we have your sample results will be ready 1-2 weeks depending on which tests are required.

All Food intolerances, Borrelia and other blood tests are performed in our Sydney Laboratory. The Organic Acids Test, Myco-tox mould as well as a few other Urine tests are sent to the Great Plains Laboratory in America, while the Hair Analysis is performed by Micro-trace in Germany.

All tests performed in our Sydney laboratory are TGA approved. We are enrolled with RCPA’s QAP and so far have a 100% success rate with their quality assurance program.

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Across the globe millions of people experience food intolerances and allergies, and the number of sufferers is rising steadily. There is no definitive explanation for this trend, but social changes and the way we live, constantly striving to avoid exposure to germs and microbes which would otherwise strengthen our immune systems is believed to be a factor.

Food allergies occur when the body’s immune system triggers an abnormal response to a particular foodstuff, and the manifestations of this can vary from extremely mild symptoms to potentially fatal situations. Most people are aware that peanuts, if consumed by someone with a severe allergy, can trigger anaphylaxis, sending the body into shock and disrupting breathing with dire consequences.

Peanuts however, are far from the only foodstuff that can cause allergic reactions or illness. Seafood, milk, eggs, other nuts and wheat – which contains gluten – are all recognised as being responsible as initiating reactions in large numbers of people, but any foodstuff has the potential to do so.

Signs and symptoms of food intolerance can vary greatly, from minor digestive issues such as bloating or constipation, skin problems like psoriasis, swollen joints, exhaustion and can even affect your mental health, causing anxiety and depression.

If you believe that you suffer from any symptoms such as these and are concerned that they may be caused by what you eat, you should seriously consider undergoing tests to identify which foodstuffs may be responsible for your condition. There are no recognised cures for food allergies so the only effective treatment is to pin point the offending substances and then to avoid those items.

At Aust Bio Testing we provide food intolerance tests conducted in our laboratory in Sydney that can be invaluable to you in moderating your eating habits to relieve your suffering. The only effective way to test for food intolerance is through blood tests so you will be required to provide a small sample either in our clinic in Sydney or at one of our partners elsewhere in the country.

At our allergy testing centre in Sydney, we are 100% compliant with the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia’s quality assurance programme and also have approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  Our premier test checks for reactions to over 220 food items across the spectrum, our alternative will test for 125 of the most common foods that are known to cause a reaction. The blood collection process takes only a few minutes and test results are normally returned within 2 weeks. Test results are designed to be self explanatory but we are always available to answer any questions that you may have or give advice or guidance regarding your results.

We strive for excellence in customer satisfaction, nothing else is acceptable when dealing with people’s health. Ongoing support and training for our staff ensures that they are always able to maintain the very highest of standards.

No doctor’s referral is required to contact Aust Bio Testing, it’s as easy as booking a test online or calling in at our Sydney clinic.