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Tick-borne diseases


EuroLine Blot Borrelia IgM/IgG $286

Immunofluorescence (IIFA/IFA)

Bartonella IgM/IgG $198

Chemiluminescence (CLIA)

$198 per test:
Borrelia IgM/IgG
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM/IgG
Toxoplasmosis IgM/IgG
C.pneumoniae IgA/IgM
Brucella IgM/IgG

Animal Testing

*Contact us for instructions/pricing

Test Panels

Basic Panel $660
  • EuroLine Blot – Borrelia
  • CLIA – M.pneumoniae
  • CLIA – C.pneumoniae
  • IFA – Bartonella
Comprehensive Panel $1098
  • EuroLine Blot-Borrelia
  • CLIA -Borrelia
  • CLIA -M.pneumoniae
  • CLIA-C.pneumoniae
  • mPCR Anaplasma
  • mPCR Borrelia
  • mPCR Coxiella
  • IFA Bartonella

Food Intolerance

To organise a blood collection at our Sydney clinic, please call 02 9283 0807, otherwise book a test kit online.