IgG (222) Foods - The complete laboratory quantitative version of the "Food Detective" screening test

Food IgG’s are detected by an IgG antibody colorimetric assay and results are measured using a high resolution scanner. This is a microarray antigen/ antibody test where colour intensity is directly proportional to antibody in the sample. Results are quantitative.

Patient Preparation :

No Vitamin C supplements, anti-histamines or steroids (including creams) to be taken 3 days prior to the test. The patient should be on an unrestricted diet for at least 2 weeks prior to the test.

Type of Collection :
Finger prick or venous blood

IgG 222 & 125 Foods

IgG 120 Vegetarian Panel

Specimen Transport Packs :

Laboratory Mailers that conform to IATA standards for the safe transport of Biological Specimens are available for intra and interstate patients. Please enquire about the cost as it not refundable.
Payment of the test cost is made when ordering the Lab Mailer.

Please phone us on (02) 9283 0807 or contact us if you would like to order a Lab Mailer.