Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis may provide a readily available record of the body’s nutrient, mineral (calcium, copper, zinc, selenium etc) and heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminium etc) levels and ratios.

Serum mineral levels are measurements of the minerals that are circulating at the moment the sample is taken. Blood serum will maintain its mineral levels at the expense of other organs in the body because of its homeostatic mechanism. Because of this, deficiencies or excesses may be found in the hair first – sometimes months or years before the serum levels become abnormal. A half gram of head or pubic hair is all that is needed or 0.1g of nails. Hair from different collection sites should not be mixed.

For bookings or further information, call (02) 9283 0807.

Sample Types :
Head hair (from the nape of the neck), pubic hair or two cuttings of finger and toe nails (i.e. cut both sets of nails once then let them grow and cut them again).

Patient preparation :
Hair is to be of a natural state: no perms, dyes or anti-dandruff shampoo for 3 months prior to collection.

Collection Kits :
Collection Kits are available for intra and interstate patients. Please enquire about the cost as it is not refundable.
Payment of the test cost is made when ordering the collection kit.