Aust Bio provides medical laboratory testing which gives patients direct and often immediate benefits. Our testing services is useful in both health assessment and the investigation and clinical management of chronic disease patients.

We specialise in infectious diseases such as Borreliosis/Lyme disease, food intolerance testing, oats/hair analysis and more.

Q U A L I T Y - E X P E R T I S E - A C C U R A C Y

Mission Statement

Aust Bio Testing provides:

  • Our clients and practitioners with an in-depth health assessment and comprehensive reporting
  • Education on individual health issues
  • A link between naturopathic and mainstream medicine
  • A research base for holistic medicine
  • The highest level of professional service possible

Aust Bio Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide excellence in all facets in our dealings with patients and practitioners. We have no acceptable margin of error, with our focus being to provide an error-free service.

Means of ensuring our quality policy is met include:

  • Checking reproducibility in all our testing procedures
  • Ensuring that patient results are filed appropriately
  • Ensuring that results are posted/emailed efficiently
  • Ensuring staff compliance and commitment to company policies, and current Australian standards for quality control
  • Daily manual and automated verifications for accuracy
  • External service checks on all laboratory equipment

Employee education is strongly encouraged with all employees required to maintain a high level of awareness of the latest in research & development.

We also organize seminars, conduct presentations, and are actively involved in conferences to educate practitioners in the use of our tests and to educate the public in preventative medicine and global health.